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Holistic or holistic transformational coaching,

is life coaching with a neuroscience background. It transcends the traditional boundaries of coaching by providing a comprehensive platform to explore the facets of a person - mind, body and spirit. It focuses on what behaviours and habits are maintained and what values, beliefs and emotions contribute to current practices and outcomes. By exploring these habits, we can see more clearly what changes are needed to achieve the desired new outcomes.

In the coaching process, for example, old beliefs that are blocking you in the here and now can be tracked down and resolved. Behavioural patterns can be precisely analysed and reprogrammed.

inspirierendes Zitat: „Große Reise beginnt mit kleinen Schritten“
 Inspirierendes Zitat: „Jeder Tag ist eine Chance, Ihr Leben zu verändern“



Immerse yourself in the world of meditation to find peace, clarity and inner balance. Meditation practices aim to calm the mind, reduce stress and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

meditierende Person
ein Turm aus Meditationssteinen



Essential oils mobilise the self-healing powers and strengthen the immune system. In aromatherapy, essential oils are used to alleviate ailments or to increase a sense of wellbeing. Therapy with fragrances is said to have an equal influence on body, mind and soul and is an independent part of phytotherapy, the treatment with medicinal plants.



Mindfulness training focuses on developing mindfulness and conscious presence in the present moment. We use techniques to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life and promote inner peace.

eine Hand, die das Wasser berührt
meditierende Person


Fitness training and Exercise

Do you already train or have you always wanted to start? Are you working out and not satisfied with the results? I will support you in finding the right workout for you, whether that is in a fitness centre or at a location of your choice. Fitness and possibly rehabilitation exercises are designed to support your physical health and recovery from an injury or illness. I will support you and help you stay on track so that you can achieve your fitness goals or recover from an injury.

ein zufriedener Mensch nach einem erfolgreichen Training im Fitnessstudio
ein paar Leute springen in die Luft


Psychological Astrology

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of psychological astrology to gain insights into your personality. The astrological approach offers you the opportunity to better understand your unique potential.


Preventive & Sports- Nutrition

Coming Soon

 gesunde Mahlzeit mit Obst
 gesunde Gemüsemahlzeit


Australian Bush Flower Therapy

Discover the healing properties of Australian bush flowers. This gentle and natural treatment method aims to promote emotional balance and well-being.

blühende Blumen
blühende Blumen

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