Nothing changes until

you change yourself and

then everything changes

I offer you individual coaching sessions and holistic support.


With a background in holistic coaching, exercise and nutrition, I understand the power of small steps to achieve significant things.

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My Story


Irische Landschaft
Irische Landschaft

As the first-born child of an Irish family with three siblings, I grew up near Dublin. I am proud to carry this heritage and incorporate Irish strength and spirit into my holistic coaching methods. In doing so, I create an environment of empathy, support and personal growth.

A proud Irish heritage


Expert in holistic transformation coaching, exercise and nutrition

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ein blauer Schmetterling

My coaching draws on extensive expertise in holistic transformation and life coaching, Exercise, Sport and Nutrition and is based on a comprehensive understanding of wellness.The world of astrology, aromatherapy and australian bush flowers complement my services, are my daily companions and offer you a full and varied service.

Through these holistic practices and nutritional counselling, I strive to empower individuals to achieve their wellness goals, one step at a time.

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I have personally experienced the challenges of burnout, the turnaround of my life and have learned a great deal from these experiences. The low points of these moments have shown me what it feels like to get to the point where you don't know what to do next and even consider giving up.

These formative experiences have given me a deep insight into the mechanisms of stress, overload and their effects on mental and physical health. They have taught me to understand the importance of self-care, resilience and a balanced lifestyle.

Recognise the feeling of not being able to go on

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Leigh genießt den Herbst
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 Porträt des nachdenklichen Leigh

I have in recent years, experience in accompanying and supporting people with mild to severe depression and recognise how stressful and worrying these experiences can be for those affected and their families.

Close experience with cases of depression

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